in a bag


Greenhouse in a bag!

The first ‘look, no hands!’ lettuce in the world!

The new ViVi Verte technology allows you to grow a full leafy crop in the end user’s packaging. During production all the way to the kitchen counter, no one needs to touch the product. The state-of-the-art packaging ensures all levels of humidity, carbon dioxide and growth minerals are controlled. In fact, this packaging is a completely sterile mini-greenhouse!

The result: an extremely safe and clean product!

Excellent production

The ViVi Verte system finds its origin in the Plant Tissue Culture where controlling risks and hygiene are the main principles. The system works with multilayer LED light for vegetable cultivation. The packaging of the product forms the ‘beating heart’ of the system. The plant grows in its end packaging straight from the start. The packaging is completely clean and provides a micro system where humidity, temperature, light intensity and nutrition are fully controlled. All these factors ensure an extremely safe and clean product. The ViVi plants are grown in the highly specialized ViCabin: a controlled environment of vertical cultivation with LED light.

During production no one needs to touch the product. From start to finish, the product maintains in the packaging. It is not even necessary to have any expertise in cultivating plants. The ViCabin does not depend on environmental factors either, so we basically are able to produce anywhere on the globe. Draughts, floods or other natural disasters are no threat to the growth of the plants. The simplicity of this production method is enormous!

Yes, it is possible
to grow lettuce on mars!



  • The plant is provided with the exact right amount of water it needs, which is just a half a litre per plant.
  • There is no system in the world which uses this little water.
  • The plant is not harvested, so it stays alive and growth continues in the store. A shelf life of at least two weeks is the remarkable result. Because of these massive improvements, ViVi supports the diminishing of waste in the food industry.
  • Multi layer cultivation with LED light panels, makes it possible to save costs on the number of plants per square meter. The plants in the multi layers grow with less than one foot distance between the layers.

Food Safety

  • To be able to guarantee food safety is a great feature anywhere in the world. Since the packaging is clean you won’t find any algae, fungus, insects or bacteria around the plants. So much so, that the product is ‘ready to eat’. As a result of the closed packaging, pesticides are completely redundant.

Growth opportunities

  • At this moment ViVi can produce four types of lettuce, Basil, Chinese cabbage and baby leaf. Master Chefs which tasted the ViVi lettuce and Basil are excited about the wonderful taste and a cripsy bite. We are continuously investing in R&D, because the opportunities the ViVi system provides are endless!

Vivi factory

Vivi provides a turnkey factory for optimal production including:

Young plant production line.

Complete filling & packing line.

ViCabin for multi layer controlled production.

Marketing solution.

Business case

Business case Vi Unit

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