Let’s change the world

We no longer need greenhouses
but multi-layer LED systems in growth chambers. This makes it
possible to industrialize the growth and processing of plants by
using fixed protocols.

Vivi will change the world

ViVi is a new, groundbreaking, technology to produce plants. In short: ViVi offers a greenhouse in a box

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Vivi Steps

Greenhouse in a box!

Vivi sectors

Vivi provides controlled growing solutions for every sector within horticulture.
Please contact us to learn more about project case studies, proven concepts and solutions for your specific crop.

All young plants

Cut flowers, potted plants, bedding plants & perrenials

Vegetables & fruits

High wire vegetables, leaf vegetables, herbs and soft fruits

Tissue culture, seed breeders

Tissue culture and seeding, cuttings and young plants

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City farming

Leafy vegatables & soft fruit without daylight

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Vivi Projects

To inform you on the broad range of ViVi activities and projects around the world we put several ViVi projects in the spotlight. We would like to give more and better understanding of what ViVi can be for your company. Our team of experts on cultivation, technique and packaging and turnkey project management can create highly successful projects around the world.


From outsourcing TC to in house production

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Great ambitions in TC

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Consultancy on Hydroponic growing

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who we are

Vivi the method

With the revolutionary ViVi method, the future of growing crops is here! In essence, ViVi offers a highly innovative method that can be used to grow crops in a highly reliable, sustainable and efficient manner. This process is fully automated and can be executed by anyone, anywhere.

Using the ViVi method, a uniform product can be cultivated completely independent of the local climate and without the need for expert knowledge of the breeder. Besides that, using the solutions ViVi offers, the risks associated with growing plants in a conventional greenhouse can be reduced to an absolute minimum.

Key in the the ViVi growing method are the innovative semi-closed packagings in which the crops are grown. The ViViPak packagings are the greenhouses of the future: compact, fully controlled, mini-greenhouses.

In the packagings, the crops are grown in a multi-layer system under LED lights. Preferably, this is done in the ViCabin, which is a highly space-efficient growing chamber that offers the perfect growing conditions for the crops. As mentioned, the
processs is fully automated, thus labor costs can be reduced tremendously.

Due to the fully controlled environment and the sterile conditions, ViVi is one of the cleanest cultivation methods available. The packagings, or mini-greenhouses as we like to call them are, available in two sizes; one to fit a 48- and one to fit a 126 hole tray. These containers have been designed in such a manner that risks of infections or other impeding factors can be reduced to an absolute minimum. Due to the closed environment of the containers, a minimum of water and fertilizer is required and no pest control is needed. There is also no need for additional watering once the packagings have been sealed.

ViVi develops growing methods for tissue culture, breeders and companies that produce fresh produce. In these areas the ViVi system can be used for both R&D applications as well as commercial production systems. ViVi has three divisions, each with their own specialty, namely ViViPak, ViViLab and ViViTec.

Vivi pak

The ViVi packaging is the beating heart of the ViVi system. Each individual packaging in fact is a mini-greenhouse, sealed with a semi-permeable foil, in which that the levels of humidity, carbon dioxide and growth minerals can all be controlled.

As mentioned, risks of infections are reduced to an absolute minimum in the mini-greenhouses. However, if, by any chance, one of the packagings is contaminated, the disease will stay in this individual container and will not spread throughout the growth chamber. This is a very important difference between the ViVi systems and other, open growth, systems. ViVi offers a fully contained and controlled cultivation method, whereas this can only be achieved to far lesser extent in open growth chambers.

By utilizing the ViViPak materials in combination with the ViCabin, the growth process can be controlled greatly accurately and can be repeated at any time of day and at any place in the world. The elimination of fluctuating external factors through this system makes it possible to produce completely uniform products, which carries great advantages for all kinds of parties, be it a commercial seller or a non-profit research institute.

Vivi lab

ViViLab is our research institute, responsible for the development of specific growth protocols for numerous types of crops. ViViLab combines the ViCabin, as the optimal growth chamber, with the packaging solution from ViViPak and the automation offered by ViViTec. Our researchers work in close contact with our customers, who may ask for specific tests and growth experiments to be executed.

After the testing phase, the client can choose to scale up the process independently or within the ViViLab, where there are also possibilities for larger test runs.

With the findings of our researchers at the ViViLab, different growth solutions can be optimized and tested. Here, our customers have the chance to experience the direct results and advantages of implementing the ViVi systems for cultivating crops.

Vivi tec

ViViTec is a close-knit collaboration between ViVi and Visser Horti Systems. This division is responsible for media filling, sterile processing and greenhouse automation of crops grown in the ViVi packaging. A good example is the DNA sample robot that can sample and process plants from the ViStrip fully automatically. Another, hugely important, solution innovated by ViViTech is the ViCabin growing chamber.

The ViCabin is an extremely accurate growing chamber in which humidity, temperature and lighting can be controlled. Carbon-dioxide can be added in the chamber, the air can be disinfected and the air can be refreshed with HEPA filters. All parameters of the Cabin can be programmed and adjusted at the choice of the breeder.

The ViCabin is extremely space-efficient due to the multi-layered cultivation techniques such as the special ViTrolleys with compact growing layers. The energy use is very low, due to a patented air flow regulator.

Combining the ViPak packaging and the ViViTec machines, the manual labor involved throughout the process will be minimized to almost zero: a revolution in crop cultivation!

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